Monday, June 21, 2021
HomelatestYSRCP’s Operation Akarsh Decoded By TDP Leaders

YSRCP’s Operation Akarsh Decoded By TDP Leaders

We are witnessing many MLAs and MPs are leaving the TDP party and joining the Opposition party YSRCP. Now the masterminds and so-called analysts of the Yellow camp are claiming a new reason for all these defections.According to these observers of TDP, defected leaders like Avanthi Srinivas and other MPs poses lands and properties in and around Hyderabad. So Jagan’s good friend and CBN’s rival KCR who is having a greater hold on this city is indirectly troubling and blackmailing these leaders to join YSRCP.

Not willing to lose their properties, these leaders have left with no choice than bending down their heads to the Opposition leader. They also claim that the YSRCP leaders with the help of TRS Chief are operating these defections from the Hyderabad as its Centre. Also, there are speculations that more leaders who have properties in Telangana will be queued to YSRCP in the upcoming days.For now, no one knows the amount of truth in these speculations and the left leaders have now officially turned against the TDP National head CBN apparently. Now the million dollars question is that will these defections be an advantage to YSRCP or not.

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