Wednesday, July 6, 2022
HomelatestKCR To Conduct ZPTC And MPTC Elections Post Lok Sabha Polls

KCR To Conduct ZPTC And MPTC Elections Post Lok Sabha Polls

The Telangana Chief Minister KCR has fixed schedules to conduct the Panchayat Raj and Zilla Parishad elections as per the instructions of the Election Commision. A look at the new developments in the T-Government gives a brief clarity on all the elections.KCR has announced that the T-State is currently concentrating on the Lok Sabha elections which will be held in the month of April. Immediately after these, the ZPTC elections will be organized with the new Panchayat Raj introduced by the ruling party to ensure the development of villages and mandals.

Soon the TRS Chief is willing to draft a new Municipal Raj by doing an extensive research on all the model towns and cities across the India and will be announced soon. Only after the Panchayat Raj elections, the TRS Government will look into the MPTC polls. Meanwhile, the CM is busy selecting the MLC candidates to fill in the vacant Council members from the T-State.There are speculations that KCR is taking these MLC elections and Panchayat Raj elections quite seriously to repeat the magic of early polls. At the same time, the Opposition party Congress is eyeing to conquer as many ZPTC and MPTC seats as possible to decrease the humiliation of snap polls.

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