10th grader commits suicide; parents want an inquiry


15-year-old girl commits suicide; parents want an investigation

A tragic incident unfolded in Bengaluru as a 15-year-old girl named Jessica, a student in class 10, committed suicide by leaping from the 12th floor of her apartment building. Her parents have requested an investigation into this heartbreaking event, which occurred in the Bellandur area at the Classic apartment complex.

committed suicide by leaping from the 12th floor

Jessica’s parents, Dominic and Devi, who originally hailed from Tamil Nadu, had relocated to Bengaluru with the aim of providing their two children with a better education, enrolling them in a prestigious school.

The police have disclosed that Jessica, who had been intensely preparing for her exams, had attended school for only seven days in the past three months. On Tuesday morning, the school authorities contacted her parents to inform them of her irregular attendance. Subsequently, Dominic, who works as a software professional, called his wife Devi, a school teacher, and instructed her to visit Jessica at school.

Approximately 20 minutes after this call, Jessica tragically ended her life. Devi, who used to work at the same school but changed her workplace last year, noticed a significant change in Jessica’s behavior. Jessica started skipping classes and staying home.

In the mornings, Jessica would leave the house wearing her school uniform, and once her parents left for work, she would return home to spend time with her dog, as per the police.

The police have retrieved Jessica’s iPhone and are attempting to gather information about the events leading up to her death. Unfortunately, the phone was severely damaged during the incident. Additionally, the police are scrutinizing her call records.

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