Monday, March 27, 2023
Homelatest12 YSRCP MLA's Ready For Jumping Into TDP Party

12 YSRCP MLA’s Ready For Jumping Into TDP Party


In Nandayal and Kakinada explosions are still continues in YCP. Many of the hopes on 2019 elections, there is no use to stay in YCP party. Among them 12 YSRCP MLA’s are in touch with them said by Acham Naidu. Not only in touch, they are ready to come into TDP party. It is a big deal for YCP. first finding those 12 members, and then they request them.

YCP leader Jagan Is in London so he was handover than responsibilities to others. But finding those 12 leaders have become such difficult. In YCP party doubt on those leaders, no one has that idea. YCP leaders are in tension and thinking that they only creating it was fabulous problems. TDP leader gave some names to social media. Thus the TDP playing mind game and retaining the leader is difficult to YCP party.

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