‘2 Countries’ Telugu Bullet Review!

2 Countries Movie Review
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2 Countries Movie Review

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Comedian-Turned-Hero Sunil is having a bad time in the past few years. Excluding the SS Rajamouli directorial ‘Maryada Ramanna’, Sunil had seen a decent success with the films Bhimavaram Bullodu and Poola Rangadu. But his last three films were nothing short of disasters at the box office. His latest film ‘2 Countries’ released today amid decent expectations. Let us take a look whether the film fared well at the box office or not!


Ullas Kumar (Sunil) is happy-go-lucky in his village. Ullas keeps himself away from any kind of work. He is simply an aimless and ambitionless procrastinator (someone who postpones things). The only aim he has in his life is to make quick bucks without putting any hard work. He leads his life bluffing people and deceiving them for financial gains. During this, he bumps into his childhood friend, Laya. They both fall in love with each other and get married. Even Ullas sees this as an opportunity to enter into the US and married Laya.

Later, Laya comes to know about the true motives of Ullas. During this time, even Ullas comes to know some bitter truths in Laya’s life. The rest of the story is, what are the bitter truths in Laya’s life? Did Ullas take the responsibility? How did their marriage go ahead?


It is definite let down from Sunil on all fronts. Right from his choice of script, to his performance, the star comedian-turned-hero has miserably failed. Sunil lost his Midas touch, let it be his comic timing or dialogue delivery. The heroine, Manisha Raj is far from cry. We hardly find any life in her character. The screenplay and narration are mediocre. Despite being a remake film, the director has miserably failed to engage the audience throughout the movie.

The Telugu remake nowhere matches the Malayalam version with the same name, ‘Two Countries’. Though the film is promoted as a comedy and drama movie, there is hardly any laughter in the movie. Though the film had great scope for emotional drama, the director utterly failed at it. Shankar failed to get the right timing and move at critical nodes in the film.

The supporting cast fared decently well, and the director failed to make the best use of them. The only breathers in the film are the glamour of Manisha Raj and Cinematography by Ram Prasad in bits and pieces. Gopi Sunder’s music feels routine. BGM towards the climax does impress the audience a bit. Production values are decent, while the editing feels kind-of messy.

Plus Points:

  • C Ram Prasad’s Cinematography
  • Heroine Glamour
  • Select-few comedy scenes


  • Direction and Screenplay
  • Story
  • Routine and lame Comedy

Telugu Bullet Punch Line: It is hard to bear ‘Two Countries’ even for two hours! 

Rating: 2.25/5

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