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Does Rajini Know About Dhanush Parents?

Does Rajini Know About Dhanush Parents?

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During the fans meet in Chennai, Rajini asked all his fans not to touch his feet and asked them to take care of their parents properly. He asked them, it is God and followed by parents that we should respect. Immediately after making such statements, the superstar has received a request from Kathiresan who incidentally happen to move the high court claiming Dhanush to be their son.

Kathiresan claimed in front of the court that Rajini knew about Dhanush as their son, and also wrote a letter to Rajinikanth asking him to send Dhanush to his home. He said, “My wife is undergoing treatment in the hospital, send Dhanush to our home to take care of us,” he appealed.

Everyone is keenly following this news, as Rajini is going to announce his political stance on 31 st December this year. Kathiresan’s claims are interesting as he declared that Rajini is completely aware of Dhanush as their son. He said Rajini should intervene and send their son.We have to wait and watch how Rajinikanth or Dhanush going to react to this appeal made by Kathiresan. Will he ignore it or will he respond? Earlier too, Dhanush got a stay and later the case was closed.

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