Switzerland Penalized Rs.6.49cr; for over-speeding!

Switzerland Penalized Rs.6.49cr; for over-speeding
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Switzerland Penalized Rs.6.49cr; for over-speeding!

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In our country, what will happen if we are caught over-speeding? In the worst scenario, we may be issued a challan of few thousand dollars. But in Switzerland, it is not the case. The fine depends upon the speed of the vehicle and also the income generation capability of the offender. Interesting isn’t it, but it is true.

Recently, a wealthy man was nabbed for driving the vehicle at 180 kmph by Switzerland cops. They penalized him based on his financial position and a fine of Rs. 6.49 crore was levied on him for over-speeding.

Shocking isn’t it, but just imagine if the same rules are applied to Indians, and our Hyderabadis, surely our mindsets will change. In our city itself, we can see, 50 percent of the accidents occur due to over-speeding or negligent driving. If such rules are implemented, the super-rich as well will think twice before putting anyone’s lives at risk.

Our police department and our governments should surely look into such stringent rules and policies and try to implement which can cause fear and bring change in the society.

I hope, if they find this article, they will surely look and take the advice seriously!

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