2019 Sankranti Turned Interesting With Political Biopics

2019 Sankranthi War Between Two Political Biopics
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2019 Sankranthi War Between Two Political Biopics

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Sankranthi is a festive season for not only the people of India but also for the Movie Industry as it has the capacity to deliver a minimum of three blockbusters. Such festival is always interesting with huge competitions among the star heroes. Yet another staggering dual fight is going to get witnessed for 2019’s Sankranthi as per the obtained information.Dwelling into the details, already a couple of flicks announced their release times for Sankranthi. But the movie lovers and analysts are always keen on the competition between any two onscreen rival heroes. After witnessing stunning competition of 2017 where the landmark flicks of two big star heroes of Telugu took place and ended up as a win-win situation, another Sankranthi has raised the heat.

On the day of NTR’s 95th birthday, the producer cum hero Nandamuri Balayya announced that the NTR biopic will be out for 2019’s Sankranthi, another biopic is locking horns with Balayya and the flick is none other than the biopic of YSR. The competition turned interesting because of the fact that these two flicks belong to two great Politicians who made their mark in Telugu Political history. According to filmgoers, NTR Biopic got the upper hand apparently for the fact that the hero Balayya is bigger than the Malayalam Superstar Mammootty in AP.

Also the director of NTR biopic, Krish is well experienced that the YSR biopic director Mahi Raghava. However, it is too early to declare the winner as both the biopics got almost equal support from the movie lovers.At present, the NTR biopic will resume its shoot from the second week of June once Krrish gets relieved from Manikarnika. Whereas the YSR biopic’s regular shoot will get commenced from the date of 18th June.

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