A Businessman’s Desperate Trails To Unite JSP And TDP…?


The Janasena Chief many times declared that he is going all alone in AP Assembly elections. However, sources close to both TDP and JSP camps reveal a different story.We have seen that the TDP leaders of Andhra Pradesh are trying their best to throw a hint to Pawan Kalyan regarding a possible alliance prior to the polls. Pawan Kalyan on the other hand kept rejecting their indirect offers in Public meetings.

Inside Political circles are whispering that an NRI businessman who shares good bonding with both Pawan Kalyan and CBN is now trying to reunite these two party heads by mediating between them. According to these sources, Pawan is asking 50 MLA seats with 5 MP seats for his cadre but the TDP National head is willing to give 40 MLA seats and 3 MP tickets but not more. That particular businessman is determined to get a deal between these two such that they can defeat YSRCP in the elections. For now, these things are merely speculations but one has to wait for the official announcement from either of the parties.For now, Pawan Kalyan is busy meeting different groups of his cadre from NRIs to the local youth wings across the State. CBN is occupied with selecting his candidates for all the constituencies.


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