A Comedy Promo @Narthanasala


A Comedy Promo @Narthanasala

Narthanasala movie team has given a reminder about the release with comedy promo. They have released the comedy promo of this film. The main highlight of the cut is Satyam Rajesh. Actually, we didn’t see him the teaser but he appeared in the comedy promo. As well as, Jaya Prakash Reddy dialogue was hilarious and the best second of the promo. We may get FUNtastic experience while watching this film.


Another important thing is all talk about the trailer sentiment of this film. Previously, The trailers of Mahanati and Geetha Govindam movies not released. They released only teasers. Though, Narthanasala movie also coming without the trailer. So, it may also get success like Mahanati and Geetha Govindam movies. But, now the comedy promo’s release separates the Narthanasala from those movies. A mother’s faith in son, a hero’s faith in director, and a director’s faith in the story, the mixture of all that believes is “@Narthanasala” movie. The movie releasing on 30th August and USA premiers on 29th August.


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