The Show Is Ready On 30th August “@Narthanasala”

Narthanasala comedy promo

This movie trailer did not come out but the movie is coming onto the screens. @Narthanasala movie releasing 30th August. Naga Shaurya and Kashmira are the lead cast of this film and Yamini Bhaskar, Sivaji Raja, and Tulasi are other casts of this film. This movie producer is Usha Mulpuri and she is the mother of Naga Shaurya. This film is produced on the Ira Creations which is their own production house. This is the second film from this production and the first one is Chalo movie. After Kanam, Ammammagarillu movies, Naga Shaurya again returned to the home banner.

narthanasala movie

Though his last movie not succeeded, the producers invested 11 crores more for this film. The only reason is faith in the story. The director of this film is Srinivas Chakravarthy and he makes his debut with this film. Previously, Chalo movie director Venky Kudumula also a debut director and he was the former assistant director at Trivikram Srinivas. But, his Ammammagarillu movie director also a debut director but that did not work out. But, here is a sentiment is a new director under the home banner.

The reasons behind the buzz:

Naga sourya narthanasala movie

Though, the teaser got a huge response from the audiences. Moreover that, this film did a great pre-release business by rights. We heard that the collections by rights were nearly equal to budget. So, distributors and others have much faith in this film. Though, the producers are on the safe line. If it succeeds, the collections will be high and profits are sure for the producer. Interestingly, Naga Shaurya’s Chalo did super business in USA market so have expectations in this film also. It can bang the USA market also. As overall, Narthanasala title and Shaurya’s character in the film are main strong points for this buzz. On 31st August, other movies are releasing so Narthanasala should get the positive talk to survive.


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