A new bill from KCR threatens everyone!


A new bill from KCR threatens everyone!

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The Telangana CM KCR is busy preparing the ground for the implementation of a controversial new bill. According to the bill, anyone passing abusive statements against the Chief Minister or the state government have to face legal consequences, under IPC Section 506 and 507.

If the new bill from attains legality, the government has the authority to arrest even political leaders who pass defaming and abusive statements towards the government and the CM. Given its wide implications, political parties are protesting against the new bill from KCR. Close sources to the CM’s camp office confirmed that KCR has already signed on the file relating to the new bill.

Moreover, political analysts expressed that the new bill from KCR is being introduced to curb anti-TRS and ant-KCR leaders like Revanth Reddy, Nagam Janardhan Reddy, Prof Kondanda Ram, and others. Besides reacting to his harshly, Prof Kondanda Ram came down heavily on KCR.

Talking to the media, ‘this is nothing short of dictatorship. The government is trying to snub the voice of the people by implementing this kind of new bills. The new bill from KCR will be helpful to take revenge on their political counterparts. I strongly condemn this’, said Prod Kondanda Ram.

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