A special team lead by Kutumba Rao favors AP against the Centre

A special team lead by Kutumba Rao favors AP against the Centre

One of the few tactics trying by the Centre to trouble AP was busted. None other than the Vice Chairman of Planning Commision, Kutumba Rao provided stunning evidence in favor of Andhra Pradesh to make the Centre silent.

The Union Government has been troubling the Andhra Pradesh without fulfilling its promises regarding the AP Bifurcation Act. To irk more, it is not allocating further funds to the projects like Polavaram and despite helping, Centre is demanding AP to submit Utilisation Certificates over the revenues sent by the Centre to the State. According to the Centre, AP didn’t submit the UCs regarding the 6000 crores of rupees sent for the Polavaram and another 4000+ crores of rupees sent to cover the revenue deficit. A special team from the Planning Commission lead by the team of its Vice Chairman Kutumba Rao has submitted a detailed booklet of all the UCs sent by the AP to them. Rao stated that AP need not submit any UCs according to the bifurcation Act of 2014 and requested the Centre to fulfill all its promises and funds for developing the AP.

All this was raised by the TDP MP Ram Mohan Naidu as he has lodged a complaint to the Planning Commission against the Central Government regarding the promises made in Parliament. It is quite astonishing to believe that the Central Government’s institutions like Planning Commision are talking in favor of AP. AP Government has expressed its happiness for Kutumba Rao’s detailed survey. Hope this brings a chance in Centre’s approach on AP.


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