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Jagan-Pawan fight benefiting A.P?

The upcoming elections of 2019 are going to be very interesting as the three major political parties of AP TDP, YSRCP and Janasena would divide the vote banks like never before. Political analysts after looking at the recent issues predict the apparent winner.

Initially, the Opposition Party YSRCP which missed the Power with a little margin seemed very strong this time as TDP was proven unworthy in bring the Special Category Status. All of a sudden, Janasena turning against the TDP and establishing its own grounds in AP Politics changed the equations. Day by day, Jana Sena, and its craze have been increasing and on the flip side, Jagan and his MPs are getting ridiculed for escaping the fight for Status in AP Assembly and also at the Centre. The recent comments of Jagan on the Janasena Supreme Pawan Kalyan did more damage to the YSRCP. Along with Janasena followers, the anti-fans and haters of YSRCP are now inclining towards Janasena with a soft corner.

This slight decrease of YSRCP’s vote bank and an increase of Janasena would neither help YSRCP nor the latter. The senior most analysts firmly believe that if YSRCP and Janasena keep on having a tug of war, one of them become the Opposition leader and TDP would regain power due to the split of vote banks by Janasena. Until any new development in AP Politics, these equations would remain apparently regarding the results of upcoming elections.

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