Amit Shah’s Final Call On An Alliance With TDP In 2019

Amit Shah’s Final Call On An Alliance With TDP In 2019

The BJP National Chief Amit Shah has given his party’s final decision regarding their friendship with TDP. Not just declaring his opinion but he also extended TDP head an exciting offer.

Kingmaker Amit Shah in his recent press meet shared his plans regarding the upcoming Parliament elections. On a mission to regain Power, he stated that the NDA Government and its allies are discussing possible strategies to counter the Opposition Congress. Coming to the State of Andhra Pradesh where it is trying to increase its wings, the Chief made some sensational revelations.

He declared that there will be no alliance again with the TDP at any cost as it cost a lot for the BJP. Shah feels that if at all they didn’t have an alliance with the TDP in the last time, they would have won more seats all by along with the help of Modi wave across India. However, Amit Shah still reiterated that CBN will always remain their friend and he will be welcomed into NDA Government at the Centre but not in the State of AP.

Ami Shah along with the Indian Prime Minister Modi is not feeling good about TDP’s tactics. Winning the No Confidence Motion, BJP is making its State cadre to downplay Babu to throw some bad name on TDP for their political gain. With this declaration, it is quite clear that BJP has chances to join hands with YSRCP.


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