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Starring: Sumanth Ashwin, Niharika Konidela, Naresh

Director: Lakshman Karya

Producers: UV Creations & Pocket Cinema

Music Director: Shakthikanth Karthick

Cinematographer: Bal Reddy


Released on 28th July 2018, “Happy Wedding” is a love story that’s not very uncommon. Written and directed by Lakshman Karya, the movie revolves around a young woman’s anxiety before marriage. Actor Sumanth Ashwin plays the role of Anand, a script-writer from Vijaywada whereas Niharika Konidela plays the role of Akshara, a designer who hails from the magical city of Hyderabad. While Anand is a carefree person who does not take life very seriously, Akshara, on the other hand, is a baffled girl who’s often addressed as “confusion-cutie” by her kith and kin. Anand and Akshara fall in love with each other in a short time and decide to tie the knot. Both of their families assent to the marriage. The real story begins when Akshara starts experiencing pre-wedding jitters.


 happy wedding review

In the first half of the film, Murli Krishna and Tulasi are seen as playing the parents to Akshara. Indraja plays the role of Akshara’s aunt who is modern, independent and unmarried; she is extremely supportive and tries to comfort Akshara about her concerns. The cute and charming girl, Akshara, starts having second thoughts after taking the major decision to marry Anand. She enters a stage of a dilemma – whether Anand the right guy or not – after she starts assuming a change in his behavior. Neither her family nor her boyfriend takes her words seriously when she tells them about her anxiety. What this gamophobic girl goes through isn’t something new for us. A lot of women experience intense worries before getting married, whether they’re tying the knot with their forever person or someone who’s completely wrong for them. Getting such cold fleets might even push you to thoughts as wild as calling the wedding off.

The entry of Akshara’s ex-boyfriend, in the second half, complicates her life more. Vijay, the ex-lover, wants to give his long-forgotten relationship with Akshara a second chance. He feels apologetic for his mistake and wants to mend the relation without repenting any further. Thereafter, the story continues with Akshara facing the uncertainties. She is perplexed till the end nearly about everything. The only thing clear in her mind is the infinite love she has for Anand.


 happy wedding movie review

Niharika has done an impeccable job when it comes to pulling off the confused girl’s role. Sumanth’s performance, however, lacks energy; it is just next to average. All the other characters have played their part more or less well.

Although the first half is good enough, Happy Wedding loses its pace in the second half. It also suffers a weak conflict. The families are much easily convinced by the couple’s decision without any significant arguments. The movie has some really good moments which you can relate to in real life. Young boys and girls out there can find a huge correlation between what happens in the movie and their real lives. Running for about two hours, the second half entertains the audience more in comparison to the first one. The asset of the movie would be its dialogues. Written by Bhavani Prasad, the dialogues are praiseworthy and are sure to keep you seated.

With the branding of UV Creations, we expected much more fashion and glitz. Music in the movie is satisfactory. To speak in one line, it is worth to watch the movie with your family on a weekend; it is a happy movie with nothing overdone when it comes to depicting a young love story.

Telugu Bullet Rating: 3/5


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