YS Jagan completes another milestone in Padha Yatra

YS Jagan completes another milestone in Padha Yatra

The YSRCP Supreme YS Jaganmohan Reddy is relentlessly touring the State of Andhra Pradesh in the name of Praja Sankalpa Yatra. By today, he has achieved a unique record under his sleeve.

In his Padya Yatra to meet the people of each and every constituency, YS Jagan is taking it slow and steady to get the maximum impact on the AP voters to get into Power. As he finished the constituency of Pedhapuram and entered Jagayya Pet, this Opposition leader completed walking 100 constituencies in 222 days. Also, he has said to be completing 10 districts by today as Jagan is entering the Uttarandhra from tomorrow.

With just three districts to spare, this Kadapa MP is preparing his agenda and Special Category Status would be the main point in it. Desperately waiting to become the Chief Minister of AP, Jagan is showcasing his vote bank by conduction road shows in all the constituency. However, his flopped State Bandh and derogatory comments on the Janasena Head Pawan Kalyan made him lose some respect and faced a severe backlash from rival leaders.

Jagan will be touring Uttarandhra where his present competitor Pawan Kalyan has just completed. There will be a very exciting contest between these two who is said to be having equal craze in remote areas. One has to wait and see how Jagan addresses the local problems and withstand the critics’ comparisons with Pawan Kalyan regarding Uttarandhra issues.


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