YSRCP’s State Bandh: No support from other Parties

YSRCP AP State Bandh

The Opposition party of Andhra Pradesh, YSRCP has started its Statewide bandh today morning in a decent way. However, it is lacking the crucial support of other parties throughout the State.

TDP became alone these days as it lost the support of Janasena. Parties like CPI and CPM are always distancing themselves from TDP since ages and they favor any party which is in Opposition. Such parties like Janasena, CPI and CPM maintained their silence on today’s Bandh by YSRCP for many obvious reasons. Today, YSRCP leaders started the Bandh and tried their best to stop the Andhra Pradesh. Some got arrested on roads for obstructing the Public transport and some confined to House Arrests by the Police.

Political Analysts opine that YSRCP Bandh would have got huge popularity if they could manage to get the support of Janasena, CPI, and CPM. Janasena for sure will not support YSRCP as the Supreme Pawan is not willing to join hands with Jagan. But the parties CPI and CPM despite their friendship with Pawan would have supported had if Jagan requested them. Inside sources from these parties say that they got angry on Jagan for not taking their advice before announcing the Bandh.

Some of the leaders of these red flag parties have a feeling that Jagan never gave credit to them when they supported YSRCP’s Bandhs in the past. For now, YSRCP is protesting alone on the roads to pressurize TDP Government and its MPs to resign their posts from Lok Sabha. One has to wait until the day’s end to see how other parties would respond to this Statewide Bandh by Jagan and batch.


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