YSRCP continues its Bandh despite arrests

YSRCP continues its Bandh despite arrests

As per the announcement, the Opposition party YSRCP has been implementing the AP Bandh since today’s morning. In its protest, many bigwigs of the party got arrested while agitating on roads. Details of some arrests as follows:

The YSRCP’s firebrand leader MLA Roja was arrested when she was protesting in Putter. Angered Roja fumed at the TDP Government for causing problems to the Bandh. She declared that TDP would vanish from the State just like the Congress which arrested AP leaders when they were protesting in the past. Roja stated that unlike CBN who is escaping from the fight, her Supreme Jagan is fighting relentlessly for the Special Category Status for the sake of AP.

Later the party’s official representative Ambati Rambabu got arrested in Sattenapalli along with some big leaders like Bhumana Karunakar Reddy, Botsa Satyanarayana, and few others. They blamed CBN for creating continues halts to the Bandh which is being organized for getting the Special Category Status.

YSRCP is protesting against the NDA Government for backstabbing the people of AP in the name of Special Status. In many places, despite small arrests, the bandh is carried out in a safe manner. Some leaders of YSRCP closed Schools, Colleges, Shopping Malls etc in important places of the State. The bandh would end up today’s evening without much ruckus.


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