Tuesday, October 19, 2021
HomelatestFuture CM Pawan... Chiranjeevi's dream comes true..?

Future CM Pawan… Chiranjeevi’s dream comes true..?

It is an wierd moment… Swami Naidu, who is the Chiranjeevi Fans Association President, joined in Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena party. Recently, he joined the Janasena party along with some other fans.

Does Chiranjeevi want to see Pawan as CM..?

Future CM Pawan...

Once upon a time, Praja Rajyam party established by Chiranjeevi, then Pawan Kalyan wants to see Chiru as CM of Andhra Pradesh. Now, Janasena party established by Pawan Kalyan. So, does Chiranjeevi want to see Pawan as CM to Andhra Pradesh..? As per the recent incidents, it’s looking like the truth. Because, after Praja Rajyam merged into Congress Chiranjeevi supported the Congress party. So, his hardcore fan Swami Naidu also joined in Congress. In 2014, Janasena didn’t participate in elections and just gave support to TDP and NDA. In that time, there was no confusion for Chiranjeevi to support a political party. Because if his brother Pawan participate in 2014 elections when he is in Congress that was a very difficult condition for him about his support for either his existing party Congress or his brother Pawan’s Janasena.

Does Chiranjeevi give his support to Janasena..?

But now the condition is completely different. Janasena will participate in 2019 elections of AP.  In the wake of this conditions, does Chiranjeevi give his support to Janasena..? It is the main doubt of all fans and others. Now the symptoms looking like Chiranjeevi says yes to Janasena. Present, Chiranjeevi completely concentrated on movies not active in politics. So, he may be supported Pawan Kalyan..! Although, Chiranjeevi Fans Association President Swami Naidu resigned to his AP Congress party Chief Secretary position and joined in Janasena.

Chiranjeevi's dream comes true..?

Before three days of joining, Swami Naidu met Chiranjeevi to discuss something. That something may be about joining of Janasena. But the question is, the joining decision made by either Swami Naidu or Chiranjeevi..! Did Chiranjeevi arrange the meeting with Swami Naidu to say about joining in Janasena..? Or  Did Swami Naidu directly approach Chiranjeevi to say about his opinion to join in Janasena..?

Whatever it may be, Swami Naidu joining in Janasena shows Chiranjeevi’s compatibility. This is very happiest news for all Mega fans and Janasena party members. If Chiranjeevi completely supports Pawan, then Pawan Kalyan will be the happiest person. Let us see what will happen…

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