Birthday boy KTR Has Competition Within The Family

Birthday boy KTR Has Competition Within The Family

The Crown Prince of TRS KTR is celebrating his birthday today amongst TRS leaders. Some discussions among the TRS leaders on his birthday reveal internal war within the Kalvakuntla family.

Dynamic Minister K Taraka Ramarao is considered as possible CM Candidate to continue the legacy of KCR posts his retirement in Telangana. When KCR aimed at the Centre with the Third Front protest, many thought that the Prince KTR will be made as the CM of Telangana. More than half of the TRS MLAs are not ok with this decision of KCR as they firmly believe in another leader from the same family.

He is none other than the Irrigation Minister Harish Rao. Since the time of Telangana Movement to the formation of TRS Government, Harish Rao put his heart out and served the party. Being one of the key members of TRS and a close associate of KCR, Harish Rao developed the party and worked hard for its goodwill. Maximum leaders of TRS want Harish Rao to take over the party’s affairs if at all KCR walks out of State Politics rather than KTR who is young in Politics.

A Political analyst dared to opine that Harish Rao’s credit was taken by the children of KCR. According to some leading Political experts, both Kavitha and KTR used to be NRIs and they got floated up the moment his father got the separate State of Telangana, unlike Harish who has been with KCR since the day of TRS formation.


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