No Witness Certificate-Sakshyam

No Witness Certificate-Sakshyam

Here the news about the SAKSHYAM, an upcoming Telugu movie has some certificate problems of not having the permission…

SAKSHYAM has no witness of having the NOC(no objection certificate) for taking some scenes with the animals. The censor has been done but they are not willing to give the censor certificate unless and until the SAKSHYAM team get the NOC from the government and animal board.

And the release date has been announced by the team i.e, on 27th July 2018, Friday. They are not promoting all the way because of this problem. But the whole team are confident that they will get the certificate before the release date.

What’s the question is..Why the team has not taken the NOC before? Of course, this will be the lesson for all movie makers in the future. By this, all the movie makers will get alert and they will take much more care regarding these issues. And this film is of a big budget of 40 crores. If the movie has been postponed to release then some financial problems may occur to the producer and distributors. As per the news, the team is at MUMBAI to solve this problem.

As we know Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas(s/o Bellamkonda Suresh) and Pooja Hegde, the famous actress are the main lead of this film. Sriwass is the director and Abhishek Nama is producing this film. So, the team is waiting for the NOC and censor certificate as the people are waiting for the release.

But the movie trailer and audio songs like’ Soundarya lahari’ are very nice and people are eagerly waiting for that movie and the director looking for the smash hit for his career as well as a producer also. Let us see what will be happened about this issue. They have to depend on the nature to vanish this problem because the destiny decides.

NATURE is the only WITNESS for this SAKSHYAM



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