Janasena’s announced key posts invite criticism

Pawan Kalyan announced key posts invite criticism

The Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan has made a big announcement regarding its party’s structure a while ago. These revelations have become the talk of the AP Political circles.

Going into the details, the Janasenani right from the first day of his party’s announcement made it super clear that he will be allowing only young blood into the party. Looking at the announcements, he has made Hariprasad as the Party’s Secretary for being with him more than a decade since the times of PRP. On the same note, he made Madasu Gangadharam as the Party’s Conveyor for his vast experience in Congress party. Pawan appointed K.Chidambaram as the Legal head of Janasena for his unmatchable experience in law as he worked as Head Advocate in Samaikyandhra Movement. Last but not the least, he made Vijay Babu who worked as an RTI commissioner in United AP as the official spokesperson of the party.

Knowingly or unknowingly, more of these leaders belong to the caste of Kapu which is the caste of Pawan Kalyan. Revealing these names just before his West Godavari tour which is filled with tons of followers from the same community has not gone well with some mainstream critics. They declare this move as strategic rather than incidental. Another comment is that all these names are unfamiliar to any common man so that they are unable to know the greatness of the key position holders. However, the Janasena followers back their Supreme’s decision by stating that each of the appointed officials is very well educated and experienced in Politics.


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