Pawan Has Bigger Aspirations Than State?

Pawan Has Bigger Aspirations Than State

If the obtained information is believed to be true, then the Janasenani is going to have his own image Nationwide via the small screen. Details of this exciting speculation as follows.

It is obvious that no Party would gain power without the help of media and social networking these days. Janasena too got the support of its own media and channels like 99TV was bought by a Janasena leader Thota Narasimhulu to project their Party across the two Telugu States. Apart from giving bigger promotions to the Janasena and Pawan Kalyan, the Channel is rumored to be planning Social Programmes to elevate the image of Pawan Kalyan Nationwide. This programme will be along the lines of Aamir Khan’s Sathyameva Jayathe and it would address the severe problems of common people from remote areas.

Coming to Pawan Kalyan’s special programme, Pawan is likely to host a special weekly show and he will interact with the victims of problems he encountered during his tour. Issues like Uddanam Kidney ailments and other rare cases would be given big propaganda such that the entire Nation would know the problems of Telugu people. This kind of programme not only take Pawan close to small screen viewers but also project his image all over India. This news indirectly hint Pawan Kalyan’s dreams are not confined to just AP but he has plans to expand his wings to reach the Capital.


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