Pawan Kalyan Desperately Demanding Panchayat Elections

Pawan Kalyan desperately demanding Panchayat Elections

With a vast experience of setting up a party like PRP in the past, the Janasena Supreme is perfectly rectifying the mistakes he did for his brother’s party. If we look at his recent demands, one would get to know his perfect ploy to establish Janasena in root level.

Generally, any party would follow a perfect strategy to win the Power in any State. After having a perfect campaigning, it would select candidates for the Panchayat Elections and finally prepare for the battle for the CM Chair. This so-called Panchayat election is very crucial for any party to have an advantage of State Elections. Especially if the party is just launched and is about to establish itself, Panchayat Elections are considered as their basements for many reasons. Generally, the MPTCs, ZPTCs, Ward members and other Panchayat range positions are contested by the candidates under a political party ticket. These lower level or base level winning is important to win constituencies and Parliament segments so it is obvious that confident parties would wait for these elections.

In the case of Janasenani, he is more than confident that the would sweep Panchayat Elections as many low-level leaders are flowing into Janasena from many constituencies. In his recent road show, Pawan demanded the TDP Government to announce and conduct Panchayat Elections but CBN is reluctant as it would turn a disadvantage for his party. But Pawan is keen on winning these to checkmate both TDP and YSRCP to have a strong base for Janasena. This first step elections also help the party to build at the ground level which lacked in PRP.


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