Aahana Kumra digs Bengali food and Kolkata culture


Actress Aahana Kumra loves Bengali food and the culture of Kolkata. Aahana, who spent a lot of time in Kolkata, says she misses both.

“I spend a lot of time in Kolkata and I am surrounded by Bengalis. My brother-in-law is a Bengali. My first director Ribhu Dasgupta (of the TV series ‘Yudh’) is Bengali. Since I actively perform in theatre, I often go to Rabindra Sadan for performances. Bengali food, culture — everything — is so familiar that I am kind of home with it!” Aahana told IANS.

Aahana recently worked with director Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury in the film “Rules Of The Games”. Roy Chowdhury, known to pan-Indian audiences for his critically and commercially successful Bollywood film “Pink”, is among the pioneers of the new-age Bengali cinema.

“When it comes to Toni Da (as is known among friends and colleagues)], I think he spoilt all of us and now we want to go back to his set! After our first meeting for the film, he invited us to his home and served mouthwatering Bengali food. Just to have such a meal, I can do another film with him! After the wrap, Prasoon, our casting director who is also a Bengali, invited us to his place. We had some more insane food there. There is something about Bengali food — the spicing, the freshness – it makes you crave for more!” Aahana said.

Roy Chowdhury added, laughing: “I have to share a secret with you. It may sound weird but the fact is I cannot trust people who do not love food. period. You could have a small portion like you can have one piece of bhetki macher paturi, but if you do not love food, how can I trust you with my creative idea?”

He explained: “For me, creativity flows when the environment is conducive. After a good meal, good music, and a good conversation, the mind works wonders, right? Even food has its story — where it came from, the society, the culture.”

“Rules Of The Games” also features Chandan Roy Sanyal, and streams on Zee5.


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