AAP Declares Its War Against TRS In Telangana

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The common man’s party AAP is expanding its wings outside North India. It has entered the politics of India’s newest state officially and it is contesting in the upcoming snap polls. The AAP Delhi leader Somnath Bharti in the capital declared that his party AAP is going to contest in all the 119 Assembly seats in the Telangana without any doubt. Bharti shot bullets at the TRS caretaking CM KCR for his fake promises and failed implementation of his 2014 election agendas to the Telangana people.Somnath stated to the National Press that AAP was recognised as the common man’s party so the voters of Telangana would support and give them the Power to rule Telangana in the snap polls.

Its National Chief Arvind Kejriwal

Its National Chief Arvind Kejriwal is also planning to tour the state of Telangana to have direct interaction with the people.The debut of AAP into Telangana is rather a gutsy decision taken by the party bigwigs. No one is guaranteed its impact but it would split the votes of educated voters to an extent that the Opposition Mahakutami would get benefited than TRS. In this scenario, only MIM is the sole supporter of TRS in Telangana for the early polls.


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