Pawan Kalyan’s Aggressive Public Speeches In Talks

Pawan Kalyan’s Aggressive Public Speeches

The Janasena Supreme Pawan Kalyan has been fuming fire on the ruling party TDP and its MLAs for their bad acts. This angry young Politician’s charged up public talks are now considered as a threat to his own party.

According to the senior most Political observers, Pawan Kalyan who started his party in 2014 used to be silent and responded whenever it is necessary. During these days in the Praja Porata Yatra, he is not sparing any leader despite his background. He went on warning them to correct themselves otherwise he and his Janasainikas would take the law into own hands. Despite continuous defaming attacks on Pawan Kalyan by media channels, the prior maintained silence and won the hearts of many with Patience. Now, this new anger driven speeches are said to be causing damage to his own image.

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Pawan used to breathe fire on big leaders during the PRP and we are seeing exactly the same Pawan Kalyan now. Some say this is losing the credibility of the Janasena but a maximum of his followers say that this is how their Supreme responds when he sees an atrocity in his state. 2019 elections would clear every doubt of Political lovers and declare Pawan’s capacity in Assembly.


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