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HomelatestTV9’s Intentional Mudsling on Janasenani ?

TV9’s Intentional Mudsling on Janasenani ?

Leading Telugu media channel TV9 is one of the culprits of Pawan Kalyan’s wrath in the sensational case of Sri Reddy issue. It seems the channel is trying to use Pawan Kalyan’s new Political speeches to defame him.

sri reddy And pawan Kalyan
It is a known thing that Pawan Kalyan made the ratings of TV9 to see all time low for encouraging Sri Reddy and telecasting debates against the Janasenani. Since then, it is waiting for a chance to corner Pawan Kalyan along with the pro-TDP channels. Despite their trails, the channel ABN failed to project Pawan as a villain and Mahaa Murthy even resigned his job for touching Pawan’s sincerity. Now TV9 came into the picture and it has been organising anti-Janasena debates to counter every speech of Pawan. In the happened Denduluru meet, Pawan Kalyan warned the alleged rowdy sheeter MLA Chintamaneni Prabhakar for his atrocities. Since then his speeches are not aired in TV9 at least as headlines but it is taking time to telecast counters from TDP leaders.

Chintamaneni and pawan kalyan
From Pulla Rao to Chintamaneni, TV9 took enough time to air the counter speeches on Pawan Kalyan. This is said to be a perfect bias and revenge-agenda of this Telugu media channel.

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