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HomelatestActress accuses former US president of groping!

Actress accuses former US president of groping!

Actress accuses former US president of groping!

After the recent Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein who was accused of a catalog of sexual harassment against him. While more reports are surfacing about the producer, actress Heather Lind accused of US President Sr. George H.W. Bush for groping from his wheelchair when they both met at a film screening four years ago.

Ms. Lind posted a photograph of Sr. Bush shaking hands with Barack Obama during an appearance at a hurricane fund-raising on Saturday, where all the five living presidents were present. Along with the photograph, Ms. Lind stated that the photo reminded her of the incident with Sr. Bush that took place four years ago.

Actress accuses former US president of groping, Actress accuses former US president ,George HW Bush apologizes for patting 'women's rears',George HW Bush apologizes, George H.W. Bush apologizes after actress accuses, Bush Sr. apologises after actress accuses him of groping,‘It reminds me of the same incident where I was sexually assaulted while posing for a similar photo. When I extended myself for the hand-shake, the president instead held me from behind. He told me a dirty joke, and then while being photographed, touched me again’ said the actress.

Mr. McGrath, spokesperson for the former president, ‘Mr. Bush has been confined to the wheelchair for the past five years. Given his physical disability during the photo sessions, his arm (Sr. Bush) falls on the lower waist of the people with whom he takes pictures with.While few see this as innocent, others find inappropriate’ said in a statement.

‘To anyone he has offended, President Bush apologizes most sincerely’ add McGrath. 

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