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Actress Poonam Kaur attacks Kathi Mahesh; will it make any difference?

Actress Poonam Kaur Attacks Kathi Mahesh 

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Kathi? Who? ‘Bigg Boss’ Telugu series-1, kicked out contestant. In the beginning, he was in the news giving an interview for his own performance in Bigg Boss, later he landed on Pawan Kalyan’s topic.

While Television and controversies go hand in hand there is no shock that Kathi is always seen on prime channels. Kathi surely cashed this weakness. We can see him repeatedly commenting on Pawan Kalyan, and other few celebrities. It now became a daily habit to him. Earlier fans countered his absurd comments, but recently even celebrities are surprising with their replies.

The latest one was actress Poonam Kaur. She attacked him in a series of tweets and even went on to call him ‘fatso’. She tweeted ‘Beggars are better than people who are making ‘money criticizing others. Change the man or the topic, we are bored to see the same fatso (on TV).’ She further tweeted-“Don’t tell me commenting on being fat is personal, I am worried about millions watching him and getting inspired. I am concerned about people’s physical and mental health”

Earlier, Film writer Kona Venkat too tweeted- “Some jokers are taking the silence of Pawan Kalyan for granted…don’t ….”

But does it matter to this deadly self-proclaimed intelligent man? People are wondering, will there ever be a vaccine for this intelligent disease?

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