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Actress Rambha: I’m out of danger because support and love from you all.

Tollywood actress Rambha, who was asked by the audience to get out of the health injures of her kids for pray after the car accident had happened in the Canada, thanked for the fans for the well-being of her family.

Giving the Instagram live for first time, Actress Rambha said: “My fans and well-wishers and audience, who loving me all over the world, whoever prayed for me, to get speedy health recovery from the accident injuries, I saying you all thanks for those prayers from my heart.” added to that “Thanks you very much for every one again. My kids and I are very safe here because of your love and support.”

The actress also finalized that her daughter Sasha who was a very danger situation in hospital, had been came to home from hospital and my kids are very safe presently. So now I am very happy, now words to say about my happiness. She also added that through your all prayers, we had came out from the danger.

Rambha has also shared movement happened in accident that I went school for my kids to return back to home after completed school. Beside of our car, suddenly one vehicle came and crashed my car then we all got injures. She also posted some some pictures from the hospital and crashed car photos.

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