Thursday, February 9, 2023
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FB expands professional mode to all creators globally

Facebook had given statement that it was explored its professional mode to all the creators world wide  for many monetization facilities and tools and other modes of options.

By using the setting of the professional mode, Creators can get the more opportunities in the Facebook platform.

“Through professional tool, one can build their profile in the platform and earn money from different monetization programs, and keep increase your audience in the professional way”, said by company.

The company has launched special programs and  testing those different programs in new formats for the users who what to create designs for earing money.

To get the bonus programs that give chance to users to get money for the reels they provided in the platform, US creators can be applied to Reels Play. Already given Stars were now available to give more access creators on professional mode which will gives them a chance for earning money from the their audience directly.

In-stream  advertisements are helpful for the professional mode creators that is allowing to earn money by switch-on advertisements during the videos, after, before.  Now we are testing the Ads on Facebook Reels on professional mode through some group of the creators over the world, company said.

In order to improve audience support for the users, through providing subscribers-only content, subscribers were being introduced and tested on professional mode. The platform come-up with  more professional tools and methods on the mode, analytics and advanced features that will helps the users to increase their brand products and stay safe on the Facebook platform.

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