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Is Akkineni Akhil lying to his fans?

Is Akkineni Akhil lying to his fans?

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In the past, more than 10 films of a hero used to release in Tollywood. There were instances were Megastar Chiranjeevi and Superstar Krishna films released every month in a calendar year. Since then, things have greatly changed. Forget about 4-5 films in a year, today’s star heroes are finding it hard to even release a single movie in a given year. There hasn’t been a single film of Ram Charan this year. Ram Charan and Mahesh Babu promised that they would star in 2-3 movies in a year. They failed to keep their promise.

Recently, the upcoming hero from Akkineni family, Akkineni Akhil is also making a similar promise. Akhil took a gap of nearly 2 years for his second film ‘Hello’. The film has received mixed talk in the film industry. Leaving aside the outcome of the film, Akhil went on to say that he would announce his next project on January 10th and promised that he would star in two films every year.

Going by the current trend, it is almost impossible for to see two movies of a star hero releasing in the same year. Trade experts and film pundits Akhil will not be able to release 2 film in a calendar year. But, if Akhil can manage to achieve this feat, it will be a great news for Akkineni fans.

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