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Allu Aravind Fires On RGV! Calls Him Groundling!

Allu Aravind Fires On Ram Gopal Varma

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Mega-producer Allu Aravind condemned maverick director Ram Gopal Varma. The reaction comes after Ram Gopal Varma confessed that, it is him who actually advised Sri Reddy to abuse Pawan Kalyan.  Speaking to the media, Allu Aravind termed RGV as a ‘groundling (Neechudu)’.

‘RGV will feel really bad if someone abuses his family member the same way. We don’t possess such kind of behavior. He is a person with a very nasty and awful mindset. We will see what kind of actions the industry chiefs will take on Ram Gopal Varma.

At the same time, in his video last night, RGV conveyed his apologies to Pawan Kalyan and his fans. Moreover, we also heard Sri Reddy stating that RGV gave an offer for Rs 5 crores, promising that she wouldn’t speak about Daggubati Abhiram anywhere.

RGV has a very bad circle around him too. Frankly speaking, I was not able to sleep last night thinking who is behind Ram Gopal Varma, doing all this. In order to save the prestige of Daggubati Family, Varma said he is ready to offer Rs 5 crores. Then what about Mega Family? Isn’t it a part of the Tollywood Film Industry? Why this prejudice’, questioned Allu Aravind.  

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