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Allu Sirish says “Okka Kshanam is a concept, not a copy”

Allu Sirish Clarifies Okka Kshanam concept 

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In the past, Allu Sirish worked in a movie with entertainment angle by name Kotha Janta. His career’s biggest hit Srimastu Subhamastu revolves around family, emotion, and drama. But now, this Allu hero is all set to try something different under the direction of Ekkadiki Potavu Chinnavada fame director VI Anand, a totally new subject and has never been touched by any other film.

The concept of the movie “Okka Kshanam” revolves around the lives of two people who look alike. Incidentally, reports came out that the movie is lifted from a Korean film Parallel life but Sirish denied these rumors and claimed that it is an original story. He said, Director Rajamouli directed Magadheera with the concept of next life, using the same concept, director Vikram K Kumar helmed Manam movie. He further asked can we say that those movies are the same type. The movie depends on the talent of the director. The way he presents the story is crucial, it is the director who has to portray a new concept and make the audience understand it easily. And I believe my director has that talent, he stated.

These days everything is so very available on the internet. After watching the movie, you can verify, and not rush into things like putting two or three screenshots on social media and claim that the movie is a copy. Okka Kshanam is not at all a copy but a concept taken, he concluded confidently.

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