Sunday, September 26, 2021
HomelatestAmerica Red Carpet To Indians

America Red Carpet To Indians

America Red Carpet To Indians

America Red Carpet To Indians: H1B Visa is a dream for many people who wish to work in the United States, this will be the entry pass. Trump, The American President with a grudge on Indians spoiled the rules of preliminary Visa program. But a survey declares that in the past eleven years, the visas were issued by the US are to our country.

70 to 80 percent of foreign workers in the United States are Indians. The remaining thirty percent are from Canada, China, South Korea and the Philippines. That means America is giving more importance to our country. Along with the good image of India, India’s hard-working philosophy and intellect are also making the US select Indians.

Indian domination is now also seen in American Corporate Wald. There are Indians as CEOs of many companies. Companies with Indian CEO’s are leading so that other companies are finding Indians to lead the American companies. Preference offered by companies to Indian executives is also good.

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