Federal Front Yield No Results: Amit Shah

Amit Shah Federal Front Yield There Is No Use

Amit Shah Federal Front Yield There Is No Use

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The BJP National head Amit Shah has dared to irk all the regional parties which are anti to BJP. In his recent speech, he managed to give a strong counter to all his regional rivals at once.Kingmaker Amit Shah has arranged a National range press meet in the Capital by calling all the leading National papers’ journalists. The bottom line of this mission is to highlight the four years ruling of BJP Government lead by the Indian PM Mr. Narendra Modi.

Praising the BJP Governance and Modi’s leadership, he presented a sixty minutes presentation to blow their own trumpet. After his presentation, he gave a small speech which reflected his hatred on Southern regional parties Amit Shah dared to declare that only National Parties can show their impact in India whereas regional parties will not have any buzz in other States. Amit Shah pulled his new rivals CBN and KCR into his speech by claiming that these two leaders despite their craze in own states will not fetch one seat in other States. He targeted the Federal Front leader KCR by asking if he can get 10 votes in Odisha or West Bengal by campaigning whereas BJP has the capability of forming governments in any given state.

Amit with rather a strong tone opined that Federal Front will be a disaster as it cannot beat any regional party.What Amit Shah said might be true but with some hidden agenda, he is showing his overconfidence for no reason. He should be aware of the fact that union of 4-5 regional parties will have their own impact and cam defeat BJP as well. Recently held Karnataka Elections is the best example that Amit Shah should recollect always.

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