Monday, September 27, 2021
HomelatestAmit Shah Supports KCR At The Centre, Ditches At Hyderabad

Amit Shah Supports KCR At The Centre, Ditches At Hyderabad

The BJP National head Amit Shah is using all his experience and tactics to counter KCR in Telangana. His recent meeting with the T-BJP leaders explains everything.To prepare the T-BJP camp for the upcoming elections, Amit Shah came all the way from the capital to the city of Hyderabad the other day. After pacifying them, he explained his dual plan to checkmate KCR in Telangana and to get a control over him. This party head who granted permission to go for the early elections and supported him in Delhi is actually preparing a prey in his own state. Amit Shah Supports KCR At The Centre

Sources close to the BJP cadre reveals that Amit Shah wanted KCR to go for early polls in order to defeat him. He ordered the BJP camp to prepare a detailed list of all the mistakes done by the TRS leaders in the entire term to take the list into the voters. Not stopping there, he asked them to propagate that dissolving Assembly is indeed a huge failure of TRS Government. As if this is not enough, this King Maker of BJP directed his regional leaders to lure the dissatisfied TRS leaders who fail to get the ticket for the next term.Amit Shah Supports KCRFinally, Amit Shah gave them a target of becoming the King Makers as the chances of gaining power is an impossible task. According to the BJP bigwigs, if they lessen the BJP vote bank and reduce the magical figure for KCR to form a government, then they can have a hold on KCR and TRS at the Centre by having a post-poll alliance.

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