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HomelatestPM Modi Will Destroy The Nation – Amit Shah Translator Goes Wrong

PM Modi Will Destroy The Nation – Amit Shah Translator Goes Wrong

Amit Shah Translator Goofs Up At Karnataka Rally

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Pre-poll surveys in Karnataka already rang alarm bells in the BJP camp recently. The BJP election campaigning in Karnataka is making headlines for all wrong reasons. After Amit Shah made a mockery out of himself at the recent press conference, stating that BS Yedruppa, who is an ally to BJP, will be awarded number one award for being the most corruptive leader in Karnataka.

Adding to this, Amit Shah’s translator goofed up the speech of the BJP National President. ‘The Siddharamaiah Congress Government could not develop the state. You keep your faith in the Prime Minister and cast your vote for Yedurappa. We will make Karnataka the best state in the country’, said Amit Shah in Hindi.

Meanwhile, Shah’s Hindi-Kannada translator Prahlad Joshi translated the whole thing into anti-BJP and anti-Modi. He said, ‘The Prime Minister Narendra Modi will not do anything for the Dalits, backward classes, poor and the deprived. PM Modi will destroy the nation. Please vote for him’.With pre-polls going against BJP, and the repeated flaws in Amit Shah’s campaigning and press meet, BJP is committing a suicide.  

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