An Allu Ramalingaiah’s Old Funny Story

allu ramalingaiah

The old stories of our actors sometimes inspirational and sometimes so funny. Now, the situation is about to laugh. Enjoy the story…Actually, Allu Ramalingaih sleeps after the lunch break in shooting time. He says: “I can’t come to act after lunch without a nap. So, if you forcibly make me act, the scenes will not be perfect. If you leave for half an hour, I will refresh. After that, your wish.” So, film team also says Okay for his conditions. Generally, Allu Ramalingiah maintains a small pillow and he sleeps until the director calls him. Once, For the film ‘Papa Kosam’, the Suresh Productions set the outdoor shooting, far away from Madras. The morning shooting was completed normally. As usual, Allu sir took a nap at some place which was some distance from the film unit. Actually, he has not afternoon session shooting so he was sleeping deeply.

An Allu Ramalingaiah's Old Funny Story

At evening 4’O’ clock, the shooting was completed and the all cars started and dropped the all actors at their houses and returned to Suresh Production’s office. Finally, they have realized that they forgot about Allu sir. Then, quickly the driver returned to the shooting spot. In that time, Ramalingiah sir has wakened up and asked the nearest person about the unit. And, he came to know that the all unit has gone. Eventually, the car driver identifies him at a bus stop and Ramalingaiah gets into the car. An interesting thing was, Driver did not talk about his missing and Ramalingiah sir also did not ask anything.


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