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HomelatestAnam Viveka Reddy’s Health In The Critical Stage:

Anam Viveka Reddy’s Health In The Critical Stage:

Anam Vivekananda Reddy In Critical Condition

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The popular leader of Nellore, Anam Vivekananda Reddy is still fighting for his life on the stretcher. Recent health bulletin from his doctors is leaving his followers in vain.The Anam big brother Viveka Reddy who recently joined the TDP under the guidance of its head TDP is living away from the media. Recently he has been admitted to the hospital as his health troubled him a lot. As his health got worse, he is shifted to KIMS hospital for better treatment.

Earlier, doctors revealed that they are trying to bring Anam to normal has now almost given up their hopes. In the updated status of his health from KIMS, his position is very critical and is clinging to the hospital bed to live only on medication. Knowing this news, the TDP Supreme CBN did pay a visit to have a word with this senior most leader. He was accompanied by Health Minister and other Nellore leader Somireddy. Earlier Nara Lokesh and Minister Narayana also saw Anam’s condition in the hospital.

Anam brothers are known for their popularity in Nellore. They used to enjoy huge followers when they were in Congress. Post the elections of 2014, they bid adios to Congress and changed their flags to TDP. CBN promised an MLC  seat for Anam but ended up without offering any. Needless to say, this news has saddened the admirers of Anam family in Nellore. CBN later held a press meet to declare the health condition of Anam and asked his family members to stay strong.

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