Anasuya comments on Arjun Reddy

Anasuya Baradwaj comments on Arjun reddy

Anasuya Baradwaj comments on Arjun Reddy

Vijay devarakonda’s Arjun Reddy is the latest on going film with huge collections. On the other hand it is equally also dealing with controversies. Adding on to the current controversies, Anchor Anasuya Baradwaj comments on Arjun reddy. She says she is very upset with the abusive words used in the film. She furthermore says these dialogues might misslead youth and kids over using them as trend.

“Everything is fine! But since when abusing your mother became a go-go?? Sure. experiment. explore. but how can you take your bearing .for granted dude! Its a blessing to be celebrated, to be followed by thousands and lakhs of people but isn’t it a greater responsibility? I thought I won’t make an issue out of it.

I tried to make them realize but I am not able to keep mum anymore it’s below par! Unacceptable! Abusing out of emotion is just ok to a certain extent but never comes a moment that you can Not control yourself! You lose control only when you take ‘it’ for granted, and that ‘it’ becomes someone’s mother, sister, wife?!! SHAME!!! LOSERS!!!! If you say you abuse when someone says/does something inappropriate to the women in your life then what are YOU doing dude?!! Abusing their women?!! Whats the big difference then?!! Grow-Up!! But don’t forget the whys and wheres.I wish the talented team utilized their skills in a much appropriate way..being moral..being ethical. I was blowed away with the first look like everybody with the first look.. was eagerly waiting to watch..but how the team is addressing public gatherings Didn’t watch it yet honestly I don’t have the hear “unanimous dubbing” ..abusing your women is never “just a word”!!” posts Anasuya Bharadwaj on Twitter.

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