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Anchor Anasuya overaction lands her big trouble!

Anchor Anasuya overaction lands her big trouble

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Jabardasth anchor Anasuya is famous for her hot poses to the camera lens. She often posts her hot photos from photo-shoots on her Twitter account. But the same anchor has got herself into a big trouble.

Going into the details, Anasuya paid a visit to her mom’s house. As she was coming out of the house, a boy and his mother spotted the anchor-cum-actress. While the boy started taking video of Anasuya, his mother was driving. It is learnt that Anasuya requested the boy not to take her video in a stern voice. The boy turned a deaf ear and continued taking Anasuya’s video. The boy’s mother alleged that Anasuya lost her cool, and started abusing the boy and her, and slamming the phone on the road. The woman and her son posted a selfie video showing the shattered phone, and alleging the Anasuya abused them.

Reacting to this, the hot anchor clarified that, she just lost her cool, and asked the boy not to take her video, as she was not in a proper frame. ‘The whole thing is blown out of proportion. At that time, I was not in a proper frame, and the kid tried to take my video. I did not like it. Moreover, I have no idea whether the phone was broken or not. I pity that lady, and she is just an attention seeker’, said Anasuya.

The social media is raging against her on social networking sites over this incident. The mother of the boy took the matter to the OU Police. 

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