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Anchor Pradeep dejected to show his face!

Anchor Pradeep dejected to show his face!

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In recent times, the demand for talent anchors has seen an uptrend in the small-screen industry. Given various game shows and reality shows, TV channels are competing to rope in star anchors. Given the demand, anchors have become popular celebrities and star status among the likes of film celebrities. Anchor Pradeep leads the race with ease among the current generation of anchors.

Let it be a live show, game show or even an interview with a celebrity, one can find Pradeep’s mark in that. Every show of his is a super hit on the small screen. All the accolades, fame and goodwill that Pradeep has attained all these years, went into the trash with one incident.

After getting caught during the ‘drunk and drive’ inspection on Jubilee Hills Road No. 45, on the eve of New Year, Pradeep was caught driving his BMW Car under the influence of alcohol. After the police tested for the levels of alcohol, they were shocked to see the reading. The breath analyser showed 178 points in its reading. The permissible level is around 30 points, which means, Pradeep has drunk nearly 6 times than the permissible level.

Given this one incident, Pradeep who is known to give poses for the cameras during his shows tried to hide from the news channels cameras.

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