Anil Paving Way For A Big Flick With Mahesh Babu

Anil Ravipudi Next Movie In Mahesh Babu

The fans of Mahesh Babu who are waiting for a wholesum movie like Dookudu, here is a lovely update which might make your day. Without any further delay, let us take a plunge into the details.

The hat trick Director Anil Ravipudi who just scored a blockbuster in the name of Fun and Frustration is preparing everything for his next with Superstar Mahesh Babu. He recently met and narrated a theme line to Mahesh for which the latter got excited and asked the director to prepare for the full script. It is learned that this commercial maker came up with rather extended theme line and abstract of the script and Mahesh got spellbound with Ravipudi’s conviction. It is said to be in the lines of Dookudu where there is loads of entertainment and tons of hero elevation scenes. Close sources of Mahesh say that this flick will repeat the magic of Dookudu after all these years.

If this project goes to the floors, the director is guaranteeing to bring this flick on to the silver screen by this year’s end. Meanwhile Mahesh is finishing his present movie Maharshi which will be out for this Summer.


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