Janasenani Is Eager To Fill The Party With Ex Govt Officials

Tamilnadu Government Ex Chief Secretary Joins JanaSena Party

The Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan welcomed another ex-IAS into the party and this became a discussion point for the Political analysts. A look at his recent joinings explains everything.Already Pawan Kalyan appointed many ex Government Officials and retired IAS and IPS cadre leaders into Janasena. Now the ex Chief Secretary of Tamil Nadu and IAS Papisetty Ram Mohan Rao officially joined Janasena and immediately he was made the party’s Political Advisor by the Party head. This ex IAS heaped praises on Janasenani and his commitment levels. Also he highlighted Pawan Kalyan’s vision and insight into the various sectors of our society.

Upon appointing Rao, Pawan claimed that the party has got a potential leader who can advise and direct the party towards the development and success. He expressed the desire to make AP a world class place via Janasena’s Governance with the help of such Political advisors like Papisetty.Some analysts within no time is warning Pawan Kalyan who is filling his party with ex Government Officials. The recently joined Papisetty Ram Mohan Rao has many allegations on corruption and misusing his power when he served in Tamil Nadu. Also CBI raided his and his son’s house to find out if the corruption allegations are true or not. These type of leaders might damage the good name of JSP among the minds of the voters.


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