Wink Sensation’s Missed Golden Chance In Sensations

Unlucky Girl Who Missed Allu Arjun

The Mallu beauty Priya Warrier has become the talk of the film industry with all the fame she earned with the Wink Song promo. Latest information from her closed quarters revealed a lovely news regarding this young lady.Priya Prakash Warrier, the latest internet sensation has crossed her fingers to test luck with the first outing Lovers Day. In one of her recent interviews, she disclosed that she missed working with the Stylish Star Allu Arjun. It was heavily speculated that this girl after becoming the most sought after actresses in India rejected a chance to romance Mallu Arjun and soon some netizens expressed their disgust declaring her as an actress with high attitude.

In her recent revelations, it came to know that she feels it is most unfortunate to lose a flick with such big hero but the real reason is her prior commitment and contract clauses with the makers of Lovers Day. whatever said and done, Priya is now hailed by many for her work ethics and professionalism.Allu Arjun graced the audio event of Lovers Day and wished the team his best. Also he did the Wink thing once with his son Ayaan and other time with Priya herself directly. Now Allu Arjun fans are eager to see these two romancing on screen.


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