On 24th August “Anthaku Minchi” @Rashmi

Anthaku Minchi movie release on 24th august

Rashmi Gautham’s another flick coming onto the screen on 24th August. “Anthaku Minchi”, a famous line from I movie now it is the title for a movie. This film is coming with Horror background and Trailer got a good response. Although, the main attraction of this film is Rashmi Gautham because there is no any other well-known hero beside her. Rashmi was famous with ‘Jabardasth’ comedy show and she acted in Guntur Talkies and Next Nuvve movies. For both movies, she got good reviews for her acting.

Rashmi Gautham's another flick

In Guntur Talkies movie, she was the main lead actress and her song was trended at that time. As well as, in Next Nuvve she was not the main lead but had an important role. But, she has gotten appreciations for her role. And, now it is “Anthaku Minchi” and may this film give more than those two films. Recently, RX 100 director Ajay Bhupathi has commented about her thighs and complimented her. About this, Rashmi answered in an event, “I’ve thighs so those appeared and don’t expect more bold content from the movie, the posters only used for film publicity purpose. And, this film has more scope for acting and watch it.”

In Guntur Talkies movie,

Maybe she is correct because as come to the trailer, no much bold content has shown in the trailer. This movie completely focused on horror elements. Although, the scary faces and shots in the trailer say it is a complete horror film. But, we called it a romantic-horror genre film. According to the trailer, the director may not concentrate on comedy as much as horror elements. Finally, another horror flick into the attack. Recently, horror and thriller films have a buzz so if it good it can get applause. Jhony is director of this film and Suni Kashyap is the music director. We know Sunil Kashyap worked for  Jyothi Lakshmi, Oka Manasu movies.

 Suni Kashyap is the music director


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