BJP Has Minus 14% Of Win In AP


AP alliance BJP looms over TDP

AP alliance BJP looms over TDP: In politics, the party win and lose can be measured with the votes percentage. But it’s not possible to measure how strong the party is. There got a chance that strong the party in AP for ruling party TDP, opposition YCP and BJP. A former politician made a survey to estimate the political party values where changing for every three months.

The people are ready to show the stars to the BJP which is being friendly with ruling party TDP but showing them stars. 53% of win is there for TDP if it joins with BJP but TDP is getting 67% of the win if it comes alone for elections. It means BJP is giving minus 14% to TDP. YCP has less than percentage before times. Previously, YCP has 30% and in this 3 three months, it reduced to 22%. And Pawan Kalyan Jana Sena has very less percentage to win. If Jana Sena goes against BJP then it has 2% of chances to win.

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